About the Workshop

The goal of the Workshop on Dynamical Systems, promoted by the research group on Dynamical Systems and Ergodic Theory of the Federal University of Alagoas with the support of FAPEAL, is to bring specialists of national and international renown to the event in Alagoas to deal with recent and important topics in the field. We expect to receive about forty researchers, Ph.D. and Master's students during a week of intensive scientific exchange on current research in the field of dynamical systems.




Confirmed Lecturers

  • Ali Tahzibi (USP - Brasil)
  • Alex Zamudio (IMPA - Brasil)
  • Carlos Bocker (UFPB - Brasil)
  • Carlos Gustavo Moreira (IMPA - Brasil)
  • Daniel Reis (UFRRJ - Brasil)
  • Davi dos Santos Lima (UFAL - Brasil)
  • Edgar Matias (UFRJ - Brasil)
  • Gabriela Estevez (UFMG - Brasil)
  • Hugo Araújo (IMPA - Brasil)
  • Ítalo Dowell (UFPI - Brasil)
  • Joás Rocha (USP - Brasil)
  • Krerley Oliveira (UFAL - Brasil)
  • Meysan Nassiri (IPM - Iran)
  • Maria José Pacifico (UFRJ - Brasil)
  • Mauricio Poletti (Université Paris 11 - França)
  • Marlon Oliveira (UEMA - Brasil)
  • Paulo Varandas (UFBA - Brasil)
  • Rafael Lucena (UFAL - Brasil)
  • Ricardo Turolla (UFPE - Brasil)
  • Sergio Romaña (UFRJ - Brasil)
  • Vilton Pinheiro (UFBA - Brasil)
  • Wagner Ranter (UFAL - Brasil)

Organizing Committee

  • Krerley Oliveira (UFAL)
  • Davi Lima (UFAL)
  • Rafael Lucena (UFAL)
  • Wagner Ranter (UFAL)

Scientific Committee

  • Jose Alves (FCUP - Portugal)
  • Maria J. Pacifico (UFRJ - Brasil)
  • Vilton Pinheiro (UFBA - Brasil)
  • Krerley Oliveira (UFAL - Brasil)


Day / Hour 9:30 - 10:20 10:30 - 11:20 14:00 - 14:50 15:00 - 15:50 16:10 - 17:00
Monday Mauricio Poletti Carlos Bocker Lunch Rafael Lucena Edgar Matias Break Paulo Varandas
Thuesday Ricardo Turolla Marlon Oliveira Lunch Ítalo Dowell Gabriela Estevez Break Vilton Pinheiro
Wednesday Daniel Reis Joás Rocha Lunch Ali Tahzibi Free
Tursday Sergio Romaña Alex Zamudio Lunch Hugo Araújo Maria J. Pacífico Break Carlos Gustavo Moreira (Gugu)
Friday Davi Lima Wagner Ranter Lunch Free


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We are happy to announce that the event of "Workshop on Dynamical Systems" to take place at the Hotel Brisamar, Barra de São Miguel. Unless you have made any private alternative arrangements you will stay at the hotel Brisamar.

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Institute of Mathematics - Federal University of Alagoas
A. C. Simões
Maceió, AL
Email: [email protected]